Libec P110S  Pedestal System-Studio version

Libec P110S Pedestal System-Studio version

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Professional pedestals for Studio Applications

The P110B and P110S utilize a double bearing system on the bottom in order to prevent the wobbling generated by quick vertical motion, and to provide smooth movement. Set up is very easy: unfold the dolly legs, set the pedestal column into the dolly, and use the air pump to adjust the air pressure to correspond to the weight of your camera. You can also adjust the air pressure with your camera attached. The air is tightly sealed, maintaining pressure for extended periods of time, and the lock knobs securely stabilize the unit for extensive shooting. Maximum load weight is 30kg. It also can be used with the H100 head for faster system shooting. This high performance LIBEC pedestal system is the perfect solution for your indoor/outdoor shooting needs.

WEIGHT 18.5kg / 40.5lb
MAX HEIGHT 81 to 157.5cm / 32 to 62"
PAYLOAD 30kg / 66lb