NiSi Filter Kit For DJI Phantom 4 Pro

NiSi Filter Kit For DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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  • Achieve More Natural, Refined Videos
  • NC UV - Clear Lens Protection Filter
  • CPL Filter - Reduces Light by 1.5 Stops
  • IR ND8 Filter (3 Stops)
  • IR ND16 Filter (4 Stops)
  • IR ND32 Filter (5 Stops)
  • IR ND64 Filter (6 Stops)

The NiSi 6-Filter Kit for the DJI Phantom 4 Pro allows you to achieve more natural, refined videos in different shooting conditions. Included are an NC (neutral clear) UV filter that will protect your copter's lens, a CPL filter that reduces light by 1.5 stops, and IR ND8 3-stop, IR ND16 4-stop, IR ND32 5-stop, and IR ND64 6-stop filters.

The ND filters let you slow down the shutter speed by reducing the amount of light entering the camera, providing you with a more natural sense of motion. They're designed with IR blocking technology that decreases the amount of color cast and allows for accurate colors.

All six filters are lightweight and feature an optical glass design, with a waterproof nano coating and an ultra-thin frame.