RED Raven Base I/O V-Lock Package Camera

RED Raven Base I/O V-Lock Package Camera

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  • RED RAVEN BASE I/O V-Lock Package includes: 
  • RED RAVEN Brain
  • DSMC2 Base I/O V-Lock Expander
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 4.7" DSMC2 RED Touch LCD
  • DSMC2 Universal Handle

RED RAVEN® delivers the creative flexibility and cinematic image quality synonymous with RED cameras. RED RAVEN is an unprecedented 4.5K digital camera, ideal for the passionate and professional alike. Capable of capturing high resolution motion and stills in 4.5K Full Format at up to 120 frames per second (fps)—or 2K Full Format at up to 240 fps—RED RAVEN harnesses the raw power of the RED DRAGON®.

Designed and engineered around RED's unwavering commitment to image quality and modularity—RED RAVEN is a full-fledged professional camera that will grow with you. Compact and lightweight, the RED RAVEN is ideally suited for hand-held shooting, as well as gimbal and aerial applications.

Take advantage of the renowned color science and unmatched dynamic range of the RED DRAGON sensor when you shoot with the RED RAVEN. RED RAVEN offers the ability to record in REDCODE® RAW (R3D®) and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD. In addition, RED RAVEN supports a wide range of trusted workflow options. Fully backed by an ecosystem of DSMC2® Modules and the momentum of a thriving worldwide community of RED shooters, RED RAVEN ushers in a new age of creativity and accessibility.

The RED RAVEN Brain (camera body) is constructed of robust, lightweight aluminum and—like WEAPON®—provides intelligent mounting points for cable-free peripheral attachment. RED RAVEN's compact form factor also integrates a Canon EF Mount and a media bay, which supports fast RED MINI-MAG® SSDs. Other accessories, such as modules, media, power, monitors/displays, and mounting equipment are sold separately.

RED RAVEN is part of the second generation of the Digital Still and Motion Camera (DSMC2) system. This family includes: WEAPON, EPIC-W, SCARLET-W, and the RAVEN.

R3D & REDCODE Recording

All videos and frames are recorded to the R3D® file format. The R3D file format was developed by RED to provide an efficient and manageable RAW video data format that promotes advanced post production editing capabilities. In the R3D file format, the digital image received from the sensor is formatted as a pixel-defect corrected (but in all other aspects unprocessed) 16-bit per pixel RAW data frame. Each RAW frame, or sequence of RAW frames in a clip, is compressed using a proprietary wavelet based REDCODE®RAW compression, then stored to a


RAW data is recorded independently of any RGB domain color processing such as ISO, White Balance, or other RGB color space settings. Instead, color parameters are saved as reference metadata; that is, color is not burned into the recorded RAW data. This recording technique promotes flexibility in RGB color processing, which can be deferred to post production or adjusted in the field, without affecting the recorded RAW data image quality or dynamic range. REDCODE is a visually lossless, wavelet-based compression codec that reduces R3D RAW files into a manageable size, allowing longer recording times on media. The ability to compress RAW data is one of the significant technologies that RED has brought to the industry.


The DSMC2 RED RAVEN Brain is the image processing center of the camera system. It supports power, media, and other modules can be connected to it.

The only ports on the RED RAVEN Brain are the DSMC2 Top Handle port and EVF/LCD ports. You will need a port expander to power the camera. All other input/ouput (I/O) ports are available only via expanders and other modules. This modular approach allows you to customize your camera and make use of the ports that are most applicable to your needs. (2) microphones are built-in to the Brain with left and right audio channels.