Rottor Digital CableCam Basic

Rottor Digital CableCam Basic

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  • Rottor CableCam dolley
  • The Rottor CableCam System controller with the latest version of firmware
  • 2.4 Radio system Flysky fs-i6s
  • System of a tension of a cable to 1km
  • Main rope 150 meters
  • Cable 20m Additional

Rottor Cable Cam:

1. The compact size – In comparison with similar systems, Rottor Cable Cam – has the smallest dimensions without loss of speed of movement and payload.

2. Easy installation – Pull a rope, install Rottor CableCam to the rope and begin shooting. It is more than any keys and screw-drivers for installation it won’t be required.

3. Clever electronics – Allows not to think of the end of a cable, and completely to be given to process of shootings. Cable Cam is equipped with the monitoring system of extreme points that allows it to stop in trailer points of a rope.

4. Movement speed – Rottor Cable Cam is equipped two powerful brushless motors that allows it to gather speed to 70 km/h and to bear payload to 30 kg.