Steadicam Archer 2SE

Steadicam Archer 2SE

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Archer2 is the newest addition to the professional line of camera stabilizing systems . This lightweight commercial-quality Steadicam has an extensive array of innovative new features to enhance quick set-ups/tear-downs, and 3 standard modes to choose from, is designed to accommodate a wide range of operating needs.

Standard with the new Archer2 is a 12/24V pivoting battery mount, HD ready wiring, 2-section telescopic carbon fiber post, no-tools operation, new “sure grip” gimbal handle, new multi-section light weight Iso-elastic G-40 arm, state-of-the-art ergonomically designed LX vest, and “open access” tilting camera mounting stage with optional remote controlled stage motors.
Its narrow 3.2” sled width with yoke mounted monitor and precision adjustable battery assure optimum operational freedom. The sleek lightweight sled design allows it to be kept closer to the operator’s body and results in less fatigue and allows an operator more options, such as maneuvering through tighter spaces. The “pack and go” sled reduces its size by more than 30% for easier equipment transport and faster set-ups and teardowns. A connector rich base combined with separately adjustable battery and monitor mount provides a very versatile system that can conform to even the most demanding requirements. When set-up, the Archer2 flawless dynamics, with precision gimbal control and finely tuned distribution of mass, provides the unique feel that has set Steadicam systems apart from all others.

Equipped with the Archer2, is the new G-40 Arm with a boom range of 29 inches. The G-40 is the lightest, most rigid, best-behaving, cost-effective arm, with the greatest vertical travel and lifting range in Steadicam history. In addition to Steadicam’s proprietary no-tools adjustment of lift, the G-40 features a honeycomb design that reduces arm weight substantially, yet maintains superior rigidity. The new multi-section G-40 arm can be separated into sections allowing for compact storage and transport.

Key Features:

  • High Definition Compatible
  • "Fold-Down Design
  • No-Tools Lift Adjustment
  • "Open Access" Camera Mounting Stage
  • Narrow 3.2" Sled Width
  • Precision Adjustable Battery
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable cost
  • G-50 arm supplied with Archer2S and Archer2SE which has a 29" boom range and 30lb max payload capacity
  • G-40 arm supplied with Archer2 which has a 29" boom range and 26lb max payload capacity
  • Modular Construction
  • Standard LX Vest

Archer2 Options:

  • HD UltraBRITE Monitor
  • 7"HD/SDI Brite Monitor
  • Battery Packages - Charger and Batteries
  • Tool Kit in Case with Steadicam Logo (new)
  • Steadicam Sand Bags (new)
  • Cable Kits
  • Low Mode Kit
  • Matching Arm/Vest Hard Case
  • Heavy Duty Docking & Balance Stand
WEIGHT Not Specified by Manufacturer
POST Telescopic carbon fiber post
DOVETAIL PLATE Yes, extending dovetail plate
MONITOR & SETS 7" HD LCD 7" SD LCD 8.4" UltraBrite 2 HD LCD
GIMBAL Precision gimbal with “sure grip” knurled gimbal handle
HEAD ASSEMBLY Gimble wih Camera Mount
QUICK RELEASE Not Specificed by Manufacturer
CONSTRUCTION Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
LOAD CAPACITY 10 - 30 lbs
DYNAMIC SPIN Not Specified by Manufacturer
LEATHER STANDARD VEST Weight exceeds 100 lbs Height exceeds 4' 6"
LEATHER COMPACT VEST Weight up to 100 lbs Height up to 4' 6"