Steadicam Ultra 2

Steadicam Ultra 2

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Ultra2 is a system that is designed to evolve with its owners. User-friendly, field-serviceable, tool-free, straightforward and versatile, the Ultra2 empowers operating skills as never before. Each component is designed so the operator can quickly and easily configure the Ultra2 to the best advantage for each shot.  

The New Ultra2 is the most advanced model to be added to the existing Steadicam line of camera stabilizing systems. A comprehensive re-engineering effort has yielded a system that is the lightest, toughest, strongest, most advanced “big rig” designed from top to bottom to make operating more precise and hassle free.

Key Features:

  • New G-70X "Geo" Arm with Adjustable Lift & Ride
  • New Lightweight Ultra2 Support Vest with Steel Socket Block
  • Transvideo 8" Monitor
  • New Open Ultra-Rigid Stage
  • Programmable "Go-To" Trim Motors
  • Auto-Centering Stage Trim
  • Ultra High-Precision Gimbal
  • Positive Locking New Low-Profile Post Clamps
  • Ultra-Rigid Swept Back Monitor Bracket
  • 10:1 Inertial Adjustment Range
  • New Steadicam PowerCube™ Battery System
  • All New Electronics with Backplane and Removeable Circuit Boards
  • Software Upgradeable
  • Field Serviceable
WEIGHT Ultra 2 Sled - Weight with 1 battery: + 1.65 lbs & Weight with 2 batteries: + 3.3 lbs - G-70 Arm Weight with steel socket block: 11 lbs
LENGTH Ultra 2 Sled Length 28 to 72 inches
BATTERY Battery power: Switchable, 24 or 12 volts - 2x PowerCube (24 volts): 220 Watt hours @ 29.6V nominal 14.4 volts (up to 100 watts) via downconverter - 1x PowerCube (12 volts): 110 Watt hours @ 14.8V nominal
VEST Vest Weight 8 lbs
LIFT G-70 Arm Lift Capacity: 13 to 70 lbs.
CONSTRUCTION Carbon Fiber and Aluminum
LOAD CAPACITY 13 - 70 lbs (6 - 32 kg)
LX STANDARD VEST Weight exceeds 100 lbs Height exceeds 4' 6"
COMPACT VEST Weight up to 100 lbs Height up to 4' 6"